Our Service

Our Service


Provide lifetime service for your equipment.

Maximize line availability at the lowest cost - this is our standard!

We offer you a customized lifetime service throughout the life of your equipment. Personal service from beginning to end, ensuring that your plan is carried out orderly and moving forward steadily on the road to success.

Start of success

Our professional team is with you from the beginning, ensuring you everything is carried out as expected.


Our installation team professionally installs your equipment on time.


These equipments are installed by experts, and will train your staff and test machine with you and do the final acceptance.

Equipment optimization

We can work with you to develop new ways to improve efficiency. Depending on your requirements, you can get new inspiration from us or work with our experts to develop a specific solution to optimize the production process.

Maintenance contract

In addition to 7 days X 24 hours service

Annual safety check

In addition to the statutory annual safety check, GPM experts will monitor your equipment to ensure that the process is reliable and stable, and the production process is accessible.

High equipment availability

The high availability of equipment is a decisive factor in the success of your business. Our products and services can help you to optimize the functionality and reliability of your equipment.

Preventive service

Preventive services can be professionally planned. Service technicians check your equipment and give advice on how to optimize the productivity of your equipment. We guarantee to supply you with spare parts quickly.

“On-site” troubleshooting

Our service technicians are spread all over the world, providing fast and professional support in the event of problems with your equipment.

Maintenance and inspection

Regular inspections give you an idea of the wear and tear, safety and overall condition of your equipment. Smaller adjustments can be done immediately and the upcoming repairs can be planned.

Make full use of potential

Does your equipment have the latest technology? GPM improves equipment efficiency in a variety of ways.

Equipment inspection / Problem location analysis

Our service technicians test and evaluate the entire production process of different machine manufacturers objectively and independently. You will then receive a detailed report with specific overall optimization options.


Modify your existing equipment, produce new products and adapt to changing production conditions, or fully adjust your equipment for new manufacturing processes. With our skills, a large number of modifications can be integrated directly into your existing equipment structure.


New technologies, new features, and new regulations: We help you adapt to changes timely without investing in new machine tools. Your GPM lines can last a long time. By retrofitting, your equipment can quickly adapt to the latest trends at a lower cost.


Is your equipment getting older and can no longer meet the growth requirements? GPM works with you to develop an effective refurbishment plan.

Refurbishment of equipment components

In the cooperation, we will provide a risk assessment plan and a customized refurbishment plan.

Personalized retrofitting package

Have you changed your production or want to produce new parts and want to continue using your existing equipment? The technicians find out the parts to be modified and develop a modification plan for the equipment. After retrofitting, the reliability of your existing GPM equipment will not lost to new machines.

Expand equipment and interface

With fast and low-cost component and interface expansion, your existing equipment can be engineered with new processes.

Displacement of presses and equipment worldwide

Would you like to transfer your production to another production site or purchase a set of equipment that you want to assemble in another production workshop? In order to ensure the smooth progress of the entire relocation process, we support you with professional skills. A project team will be with you from the very beginning, and will work with you to plan and implement the transfer.

What We Offer
What We Offer
Our Service
Our Service
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