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Company Description

GPM Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of advanced composite equipment. The company was established on May 23, 2011 and is located in Jiading District, Shanghai. It mainly produces, develops and sells continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRTP) equipment. The company has a high-quality R & D and after-sales service team, and has also established a standardized and orderly processing and assembly workshop, product sales in more than 20 countries and regions.

For us leading in the technology, means we can put our advanced technology to the market at the top speed. But it needs prior investment and sophisticated technical background. GPM have countless successful precedent. Besides, We cooperate closely with colleges, All kinds of institutes. We also have years experience of joint development with customers.

Analysis of GPM National Plastics Machinery's Advantages:

National High-Tech and Specialized and Unique Enterprise Status:

As a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized and unique enterprise at the municipal level, GPM National Plastics Machinery has significant advantages in technological research and development and innovation, effectively promoting industrial upgrading and technological innovation.

Independent Intellectual Property Rights and Core Technology:

GPM National Plastics Machinery possesses over 40 equipment patents, fully mastering the entire chain of production technologies and core processing techniques from high-performance resins to various fibers, including melt infiltration and composite molding. This ensures its leading position in the industry.

Product Performance and Quality:

The complete CFRT composite lines and infiltration lines provided by GPM National Plastics Machinery are stable in quality and excellent in performance, comparable to advanced European equipment. They meet the demands of large domestic and foreign enterprises, proving the reliability and competitiveness of its products.

Full Industry Chain Integration Capability:

GPM National Plastics Machinery offers a full range of services from raw material selection, production processes, to composite equipment design, manufacturing, application, and end customer needs. This effectively helps new users reduce detours and waste, quickly master the manufacturing process of composite boards, and meet the final user's requirements.

Robust Production and Research and Development Bases:

With production bases for composite equipment and processing bases for composite materials, GPM National Plastics Machinery can provide customers with one-stop services for new material research and development, sample testing, and mass production, accelerating product launches and market expansion.

Leading Equipment Performance:

The composite equipment of GPM National Plastics Machinery is at the forefront internationally in terms of variety and performance. Its equipment, such as Teflon belt composite machines, electromagnetic bottom guard composite machines, etc., has significant advantages in technology, with parameters such as maximum width, longest heating zone, and fastest operating speed all leading the industry.

Market Share and International Competitiveness:

In the thermoplastic composite industry of mainland China, GPM National Plastics Machinery holds a market share of approximately 60%, demonstrating its strong market influence and competitiveness. At the same time, its equipment is also in operation in mainstream composite markets such as the United States, Netherlands, and Turkey, receiving positive reviews from customers.

Training and After-Sales Service:

GPM National Plastics Machinery provides timely pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales service, quickly addressing customer issues and providing training for production line operators and maintenance personnel. This ensures the long-term stable operation of the equipment and the continuity of customer production.

Continuous Innovation and Customer Value Creation:

As an enterprise whose goal is to "constantly create value for customers," GPM National Plastics Machinery is always committed to technological innovation and service upgrades to meet the changing needs of customers and create greater value for them.

In summary, with its status as a national high-tech and specialized and unique enterprise, strong independent intellectual property rights and core technology, excellent product performance and quality, full industry chain integration capability, robust production and research and development bases, leading equipment performance, high market share and international competitiveness, comprehensive training and after-sales service, as well as a commitment to continuous innovation and customer value creation, GPM National Plastics Machinery has significant advantages and competitiveness in the composite equipment industry.

GPM hopes to keep in-depth exchanges with you about the latest development and the best innovations on technology in the advanced composite fields.

Company Description
Company Description
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